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Greets | Beauty born in Greece


Greece is a country with a perfectly preserved natural ecosystem located between three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. It has an unparalleled biodiversity, with over 6500 plants and 1400 endemics, a landscape full of natural treasures. Native species have high concentrations of bioactive molecules with high biological value. We are deeply inspired by Greece’s ecosystem, the landscapes, the climate, the history and its natural heritage.


The wild olive tree first made its appearance in the eastern Mediterranean and was first cultivated in Greece. Worshipped throughout the centuries, "the tree that feeds the children" according to Sophocles, is the trademark of Greek nature, tradition and history.

In Greek mythology, Athena won the patronage of Athens from Poseidon, with the gift of an olive tree. Athenians would use the olive wood to create various tools, use the shade to protect from the sun, consume its fruits and produce “the liquid gold”, the olive oil. The olive branch was a sacred prize in ancient Greece, representing highest honor. During the ancient Olympic Games, champions were awarded with an olive branch. Following the tradition, in the 2004 Athens Olympics, every champion wore a crown made of olive leaves to pay tribute to the Olympic spirit, exactly like it was done thousands of years ago.


Apart from its usage in nutrition, olive oil was used in medicine and early cosmetology to effectively care for body, skin and hair. The healing properties of olive oil were first mentioned by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. It was also used for keeping muscles healthy, for treating cuts or bruises and for soothing sunburns or skin dehydration. It was medically suggested both for consumption and external use, as the best way to stay healthy and beautiful.


Olive oil is one of the most superior substances for good health and great skin.

As a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, it has a beneficial effect by moisturizing, strengthening, nourishing and rejuvenating the human body. The antioxidant effects of vitamins E and K, provide a defense mechanism that slows down aging factors, while maintaining beauty and health to the skin. A natural elixir provided to humans by Mother Nature, an effective multipurpose agent used for the creation of high-quality cosmetic products. We are proud to use 100% Greek Organic olive oil as the key ingredient in our products.

Our team came together in 2016, in Athens, Greece. Since then, we have been evolving our brand always in accordance with our values.

  • Commitment to create beloved products
    Our aim is to create experiences that surround every aspect of well-being, and our target is to create high quality cosmetics.

  • Respect towards the community
    We use advanced technologies to reveal the characteristics and benefits of each ingredient and we remain committed to building trusted partnerships with our Customers, Suppliers, Retail Partners, Employees and local Communities.

  • Connecting the dots
    Our retail and commercial teams have a long-lasting proven experience in brand building, retail operations and global business development —a deep experience and knowledge of the beauty industry.

Last but not least, we always act based on the requirements of the European Union. Each product is accompanied by a complete file (dermatological tests, challenge tests, safety assessments) and is notified to the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).


We believe that all people are beautiful and unique. Skincare is the best way to care for yourself. Care for what you already have, care for your skin and your body.
So we created GREETS, a beauty brand with products based on Greek organic olive oil, Mediterranean herbs and natural extracts.

We offer a wide range of beauty products, such as face creams, body butters, body lotions, mists, hand & foot creams and more. Your everyday favorite products, the finest compositions born in Greece. All our products are dermatologically tested.

"Natural cosmetic products contain a high proportion of natural ingredients, limiting as much as possible the use non natural ingredients."

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