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Privacy Policy

In our company we commit to respect and protect your privacy and your personal data. We understand that you know and have interest to the protection of your personal data. This statement describes the personal data that our company collects for you, how we use and protect your personal data, and which options you have about the way we use those data. We recognize that the protection of your personal data is a lasting responsibility so at times we will update and modify this statement. So we suggest you to check our website and make sure that you know and that you are satisfied with any changes.

1. What kind of personal data we select from our clients:

  • Name and surname from our clients when they are interested in our services
  • E -mails. We select the e-mail of our clients when they are interested in our services
  • Addresses. We select our clients addresses for pricing reasons and addresses of those who order our products or services or need to take information about available products (price list, sales)
  • Phone numbers. We select the phone numbers of our clients in order to improve our services
  • Tax registration number. We select tax registration number to offer our services.
    We will not collect and save sensitive personal data, unless required by law.

2. How we collect your personal data:
We collect your personal data when you use our website, or for example when you communicate with us about products and services, or when you make an order, or when you log in to our website. We don't collect your personal data from other sources or from other people. By accepting these terms, you agree to the data processing by third parties, that provide to us services related to the execution of transactions through the e-shop and will manage personal data on behalf and by order of the Company without any right to use such data for their own benefit.

3. How we use your personal data:
We use your personal data for the following reasons:

  • Supply of services such as sending the product you have ordered, information emails and/or information calls etc.
  • Marketing or/and promotional energies such as shipment of samples, access to digital material, sending emails in order to promote our products, give information about our products, information about products in sale, sending cards for your name days etc. We may also include email addresses that we select from general questions in this list. In such email we give you the opportunity to declare if you wish to continue receiving email messages.

4. Which is the legal base when processing your personal data:

  • The processing of your data that are used for our services, is based on execution of the contract.
  • The processing of your data that are used for marketing purposes or/and other promotive energies, is based on your consent.
  • In some cases the processing of your data is necessary for causes of legal interest, that's as deposition of legal claims.

5. How long we will keep your data:

  • We keep your personal data during our transactional relationship. We save some special client s data as it is needed to fulfill our obligations to maintain exactly files for tax or other administrative authorities.
  • We save information of our subscribers until some subscriber inform us he don't need anymore to take information about promotive energies.
  • For more information about where and how long your personal data are saved and for more information about erase right and portability right, please contact with us.

6. Which guarantees we have taken to protect your personal data:

When you give us personal data we take measures to ensure that they are controlled with security. In order to help the protection of your data privacy we take physic, technical and organization meters of privacy. We modernize end check our privacy technology in a regular basis. We eliminate the access to your data and allow the access to your data only to our employees who need to know your data in order  to give you benefits and services. Furthermore, we educate our employees about the need of confidentiality and maintenance of your privacy and secure of your data. We commit to take disciplinary measures for the compliance of our employee’s obligations about your personal data.

Beyond all, we have applied the following measures and proceedings in order to protect your data from loss, bad use or change:

  • Control of electronic access
  • Control of physical access
  • Control of transmission of data
  • Control of inside access (license to have the system users the right of access and amendment of data)

7. When and how we share your data with others:
We are based to other service providers in order to implement some business operation. At this phase we may need to share your personal data with them. We provide to our service providers only the data that are necessary to implement the services required, and we are obliged to protect those data and not use them for other purposes. The data we collect are saved in one or more data bases that are used by service providers based in EU. Third parties have access to your personal data only for saving them in clouds or restoring them if needed. Your data will be notified to our partners for the transport and delivery of your Products.

8. Your rights:
You have the right to ask for access to your data that we process
You have also the right to:

  • Correct mistakes about your personal data or delete them under some circumstances
  • Eliminate or be against to the processing of your personal data
  • Receive data to use them somewhere else
  • When we process data according to your access, you have the right to revoke this consent, without however affecting the lawfulness of the processing that has been based on your consent prior to such revocation.
  • Finally, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

9. Transfer of Data outside EU
For service efficiency purposes, some of these providers may be located in territories outside the European Economic Area that do not offer a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union. In such cases, we inform you that we transfer your data with adequate safeguards and always keeping your data safe, using the most convenient international data transfer tools.

10. Communication
If you wish to file any question about your personal data or cookies or file any complaint regarding the Products or services of the Online Store, please send us an email at …This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11. General info
These terms are las updated on September 7th, 2022. The Company undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms. The Company may at any time, without notice, revise these terms and conditions of sale by updating this text. Any modifications to the Terms will be announced by stating the date of the last amendment. You are currently responsible for periodically reviewing any changes to these Terms and Conditions.

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